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ruth cover art.1.jpeg


There are multiple ways to support this film:

1. Monetary Donations: In return, you will receive film credit and goodwill.  GiveSendGo, and Paypal.

2. Sponsorship Donations: You will receive film credit and free advertising

3. Angel Investors: For significant funding to cover all the costs of making this film, you invest in the project for a return from the film's revenues and are subject to the terms of the Investor Agreement.  You will also receive film credit as the producer/investor.

Why Produce This Film?

This film is important for today to make a family-friendly film that showcases the character and love of God as He provided for the widows left without husbands and sons.  This biblical story of Ruth is of true love and tested faith to persevere despite hardships, loss, and hopeless circumstances.  Each demonstrated their loyalty, love, and responsibility to one another to ultimately be victorious and given a new life by God's grace and mercy.  It's a true "Cinderella" story. There are no wicked stepmothers and stepdaughters, as told in the secular version. But Naomi, a beloved mother-in-law and kind-loving sisters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah, were steadfast in their love for one another.  Ruth stepped in when others could not.  She showed kindness and love to an older kinsman who ultimately redeemed her and Naomi.   It wasn't the handsome prince who chose the beautiful maiden, but Ruth who chose Boaz to redeem her and her mother-in-law.  God blessed them and gave them a son, Obed, eventually leading to the birth of Jesus.  The book of Ruth is about a kinsman redeeming a widowed family by marrying Ruth, thereby preserving her and Naomi's inheritance rights in the land their dead husbands owned.  It foreshadowed Jesus, our Redeemer, to preserve our inheritance in His Kingdom and grant us everlasting life to dwell with Him.  Thus, this story is more than a feel-good story; It demonstrates how God works to provide and care for us despite our circumstances.  This is the reason for making this film.  He will provide for all those partaking in this film for the glory of God.

Special Thanks To My Charitable Donors

Monetary Donation

  • Vishal Verma

  • James Norgard

Wardrobe Donation

  • Stacey Hudnut donated from PS Freedom Boutique

  • Debbie Slusar donated from Amore & Fede Boutique

Amore @ Fede
Instagram: @amorefedeboutigue

  • Lisa McCarthy

If you are led to give and support this film, please contact me and God Bless!!

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