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French American Folk Singer, Remy de Laroque, lives in NYC.  Remy is a professional musician and songwriter who travels the US and worldwide, expressing his kindness and love through his music. Remy is a reflective singer-songwriter relating tales of self-empowerment, self-doubt, and a search for love and healing.  Remy sees his music as his diary, wherein his life experiences become songs that combine his voice's warm folk/rock sound with his inane ability to hook listeners with beautiful melodies.  Born in Paris, France, Remy credits his native city with instilling in him a sense of strong texts and a good melody. Remy also finds inspiration in 1970s English and American rock music.  Remy’s voice is warm and filled with personality. The harmonies are enriching and subtle. The arrangements are very textural, yet raw at the same time.“

You can find Remy's music on iTunes and his website.

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David J. Harvey is a talented musician who has put his heart and soul into his music.  His music as a singer and songwriter reflects his personality and thoughts.  All I want to do is write delicate songs that make me and the audience think while I’m playing them.“  "It's all drawn upon my experiences and not made up fantasy, which is why my music is so important to me.”-David J. Harvey.

David's "Cinderella" album resembles a full-fledged feature movie of a true love story and romance expressed in poetry and sound.​  It's an amazing album with intricate sound fluctuations peppered throughout the sophisticated track listings. You will enjoy the relationship between the complex picking patterns and instrumentation, especially as the album progresses.


"Cinderella" has much to offer as being endearing and authentic to melt your heart and touch your soul.  The first track, “Turn My Love Around,” definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album with melodic vocals and captivating guitar chords that are pristine and lush.  One has to appreciate the engineering that went on with this album to create an excellent, sustained sound throughout the tracks without becoming too overbearing. There was a lot of added depth and versatility to the mixes through reverberation and ambiance, which is unprecedented for many indie artists.  David's gift of being able to express love in his music is shared with the world to feel and enjoy!

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Darren and Jessie are British song writers with a background in worship music.  The Clarke’s met in California in their late teens where they made a life before moving their family to Music City in 2016. When they were dating they wrote their most well-known song, ‘I Love Your Presence’ published by Vineyard Worship, and they led worship alongside Ryan Delmore, an Americana Roots worship writer. Their songs have been covered by Bethel music, Anthony Skinner, Samuel Lane, Brenton Brown, Jenn Johnson, Eikon and more. After businesses and having kids and life Darren and Jessie finally published some new Indie worship songs with the release of Your Love Endures and Hand of God in 2014. Both got great reviews with Worship Leader magazine and people resonate with the honest songs, harmonies and stunning guitars. These days Darren is producing podcasts, making Vintage rock and roll music ( and they run a boutique label called Clarke Lane Music. They still write as much as possible.


Peter Griggs is a classical guitarist who performs amazingly with only his guitar strings.  He has performed throughout New York City and around the World.  Garden Of Stones is a composition by Peter Griggs in two parts, for flute and percussion. It was inspired by a visit to the famous Ryoan-ji temple in Kyoto Japan, with its mysterious rock formations in a sea of sand.  He has recorded many albums over his career.

Peter's music is a brilliant illustration of what classical guitar should sound like creating soft and relaxing melodies that elevate one’s mood and provides therapeutic properties through musical healing.  His soothing music tangled with comforting provides calmness and serenity of your mind, body and soul, but most importantly - sheer enjoyment. The raw guitar through his music produces clear sentient frequencies that target one’s consciousness without become convoluted with other unnecessary noise and instruments that interfere with the musical language. His musicianship is an example of the original talent every artist should exemplify in the songwriting and production realm.

In today's world, Peter's music is a perfect tranquil experience to be shared alone or with a group of friends at a dinner party.  His music will take you to another place. 

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Laura Boswell exhibits a poetic and technical depth that has garnered comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and Norah Jones. She writes intimate folk music and draws upon her training in classical guitar and piano when crafting her intricate style of songwriting.  Laura views music as a bridge to human connection and vulnerability, as well as a powerful tool for fostering community.  You can find her info and music on her site,

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